All photography copyright Ferencz Thuroczy

Since 2010, I have tirelessly worked with social media and digital services. My strategies have helped student newspapers, companies who have worked on reaching out and last but not least - the social media channels of Sweden grew exponentially and Sweden became the model for how countries work with social media.



To provide best-in-class digital services that will help any organization or entity become digitally mature.

Our Services

  • Ad-campaign concepts
  • Digital strategies, outsmarting competitors
  • Content strategies
  • Campaign management and training
  • Complete website remakes
  • Project management
  • Employer branding
  • Storytelling
  • Setting up automatic content generation systems
  • Internal communications optmization
  • Nation branding
  • Conversion implementation and optimization


A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim: time to develop a coherent economic strategy.